On the site next to Melar there once stood a residential building called Bakki,  built in 1912 and  the first residential building in Kópasker. Tragically,  it burned down in a fire that occured on New Year’s Eve in 1988. The site now houses a monument to that house and its first occupants. On this seafront plot  hot thermal tubs have now been installed for guests of Melar, and others,  to enjoy relaxing in the warm water. The hot tubs bear the name of that first residence  and are called Bakkaböðin in Icelandic, The Bakki Baths in English. There is plenty of geothermic hot water in Kópasker that comes from boreholes located on the sands in nearby Öxarfjörður County. From these hot tubs guests have a wonderful view of the sandy black beach and the harbour. It is possible to walk down a lane to the  beach and have a swim in the ocean or, perhaps,  simply stick ones  toes into the cold ocean. Melar does offer refreshments that are served to you in the hot tubs, both food and drinks.

 Melar and Bakkaböðin are designed for guests who enjoy unspoilt nature and choose to enjoy and experience peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the urban area.

 This summer, The Bakki Baths are available only for guests who are staying at Melar guesthouse.