There are plenty of locations  nearby Kópasker worth visiting. Some of them are already much sought out tourist  destinations, and then there are others which are more like hidden gems only we know about. Examples of places and entertainment  to get more information on:

  • Raufarhöfn – The Arctic Henge
  • Dettifoss waterfall
  • Ásbyrgi canyon
  • Hljóðaklettar canyon
  • Vesturdalur
  • Húsavík – whale watching
  • Norðurstrandaleiðin – The Arctic Coast Way
  • The bird watching trail
  • Melrakkaslétta
  • Rauðinúpur
  • The Northern Lights

And so many other places and things to do that we can help you find.

We also recommend the website of North Iceland about what to do and experience in the area: